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Web Browser Mining JSE COIN

So simple to use

Simple To Use

Easy to get started, straightforward to purchase and simple to send digital currency to anyone with an email address

Web Browser Mining

Anyone with a web browser or website can now mine cryptocurrency. Either mine on your own device on our easy to use platform, or simply install a code snippet into your website which will earn you tokens whilst your visitors browse.

Now you can register your JSECoin account and start mining in 60 seconds.

They have a dedicated mining page on the platform where you can put your devices CPU to use earning you some JSECoin tokens. Here your computer will be performing mathematical equations to secure their blockchain (basically a ledger of all of the transactions) and as a reward for doing this you will have the chance to earn JSECoin tokens.

You’re in complete control the whole time and are able to start and stop the process at any point, as well as change how much CPU power you dedicate to mining.


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