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From the makers of Crab War, Alien Path, and Light A Way comes a blockchain game like no
other. Award-winning gamer developer ‒ iCandy Interactive, along with its Appxplore Game Studio ‒ has proudly released CryptantCrab, a blockchain PvP game centred around crabs that you can collect, mutate, battle, and trade.

Indeed, CryptantCrab players can now start building and upgrading their virtual crab collections via a unique customisation system and revolutionary Marketplace.

How to get started
CryptantCrab is a game that runs on the Ethereum blockchain with each crab operating as a digital token, meaning that you have 100% ownership over any crab that you buy. You’ll need some Ether (ETH) to buy your first crab and can then start customising them, via Mutation or Xenograft, into the ultimate prizefighter!

Beyond these two parts altering features, there is also a forthcoming battle mode where CryptantCrab players can take their crabs into battle. In the fights, they can go claw-to-claw with other players and earn recognition and mutation material, called Cryptant, and experience for each victory!


How to mutate the perfect killer crab
Each virtual crab comes with random but highly unique individual traits. Certain parts of the crab, such as their claws and legs, can be mutated via a unique risk/reward system that alters the look and stats of each part.

To mutate your crab, you’ll need some Cryptant, which can be purchased for ETH or gained through fighting other crabs. Each mutation gives the possibility of obtaining a stronger part and gradually increasing the chance to gain a Legendary one.

With Xenograft, it allows players to transplant parts from one crab to another. This is suitable for players with multiple sets of crabs who are aiming to create the deadliest fighting crab possible! Crabs who have their parts grafted away will take on their Fossil form.


Scuttle your way towards crab-tivating profits!

If those shiny crabs look familiar, it’s because the artwork has been spun-off iCandy Interactive’s award-winning mobile game Crab War. With CryptantCrab, this game developer is aiming to help players generate real-world earnings via the game’s Marketplace. Players can trade or sell their prized fighters for ETH and profit from their endeavours.

But that’s not all! Players can also trade Fossils, and (the rarer) Relic Fossils, in the Marketplace. These Fossils serve the purpose of providing enhancements to the battling crabs they are loaded onto. Demand for crabs, Fossils, and Relic Fossils will see CrytpantCrab players turn their precious virtual crab collection into profit!

What determines the value of each crab?

A range of factors determines a crab’s value, from how many mutations it has been through, to its playing stats from previous battles. Crabs with long win streaks will yield higher value, as will crabs with certain physical traits such as matching sets of limbs. Lastly, the fluctuating value of Ether will determine your actual payout if you sell your crab on the Marketplace.


How to c-rab yourself some ETH prizes?

Over the coming months, CryptantCrab players can look forward to the introduction of an even
more exciting feature, the Pool Arena! This battle tournament platform will see players go head-to-head for the chance to win a big ETH prize-pool if their fighter crab comes out on top.

What are you waiting for, grab your CryptantCrab today! Whether you’re looking to earn ETH or just enjoy a thrilling beat-down, CryptantCrab’s immersive gameplay is bound to have you hooked in no time. After all, iCandy is focused on growing not just the value of its assets but also the gameplay experience and its ecosystem. Head over to the official CryptantCrab website and start playing today!

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